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No story, but fun
Hello this is Kate. She loves to play the whore as you can see and looks great in her Victorian Corset stockings and high heals. Recently she went out in this with a red coat over the top and we went to one of our favourite wine bars in London. She kept on letting her coat fall open which drew lots of attention and guys were trying to get close to her to catch a close up of her great boobs. She then went to the loo and was immediately followed by 3 guys and one girl; I let them go and followed later. In the loo Kate was on all fours with one guy taking her from behind and another in her mouth the girl was open legged on the loo seat with the other guy down one her Kate was fucked by each guy in turn she then sat on the girls face. When they all left I put Kate against the wall opened her legs and had the greatest fuck of all time. But her favourite position is to be fucked from behind and as you can see she has a great ass and it fantastic when she is bent over at the waist and I grip those round buttocks and thrust deeply into her from behind.

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Please enjoy our new set. hello everyone :) please, enjoy the photies and don't take the title serious, it's all about fun... thank you so much taking time on viewing and writing an original comment, come back to check the feedback to your comment... best, iris and veiiia :)


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