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Nudist couple at beach

just shaving session ...
Yvonne 18 To 52 Part 6 - Here is another brief tour over about 34 years of my wife Yvonne. As she is a practicing attorney, we can show her face. We enjoy your comments, even the stupid ones. A few commented about the boob job. When she was 34 or so,she was flying our airplane solo and had an engine failure which required an off field landing (aka crash). Unfortunely, the airplane turned over and the control yoke punchered part of her lower left breast and into the rib cage. So, it had to be repaired and all things considered, it came out quite well. So now you know. Please send your comments. If only 1/10 of one percent of you commented, that would be about 2,300. Maybe set a new record? Well, we hope you enjoy.

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Wife showing her big butt A Little Bit Of Sammy (Final) - Here she is, Sammy, again, last contri of set of 2. Isn't she lovely? I posted a contri on RC. I have more to post. Stay tuned and vote. Nicaraguanpapi AIM me at xnicaraguanpapix


here's the rest! thanks~ Story: Last set of pics from this series; this is me in the jacuzzi (not the best jacuzzi I've ever seen by far, it looked more like a glorified bathtub, but what can you do?). Alot of people seemed to like the pictures of me all wet, so here are some more on that theme.