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first time here !!
*Gg Natalie And Natasha Wedding Crashers - Hi Kate, Jerry, Asher, Blue and gang, These pics are from Natasha and Natalie, two of voy-zone's infamous exhibitionists, who have been voyeuring each other for years. On the spur of the moment we finally arranged to meet at a traveling exhibition of Egyptian treasures. This is part two of our fun meeting. Have you ever heard the saying "Life's a party, crash it!", that's our motto! hehe! While we were playing on the stairway of the museum, a couple of photographers, both women with elaborate camera equipment appeared at the top of the steps. Boris approached them to find out what they were up to. Turned out there was a wedding party arriving to have their pictures taken before going inside to their reception. We didn't want to spoil their wedding photos but we didn't want to let them spoil our fun either so we kept right on flashing and teasing the camera. After all, we figured they wouldn't mind since people at weddings are always in a good mood. hehe! Both our photographers were suggesting we stop but we were having so much fun we ignored their advice. We did it for all you voyeurs! hehe! *evil grin* We finally decided to head over to the Riverscape, it was Latino Festival Night, there was live music and we wanted to get a bite to eat. Our fun just seemed to follow us there. One of the bands followed us around begging us to ride on their bus with them to their next gig. hehehe!!!! Special thanks to Kate for providing this fabulous website and the gang for all their hard work. Warm thanks to all of you loyal, naughty, hot, horny, voyeurs for your messages and votes! XOXO Luv, Natalie and Natasha

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Interesting Camera Angles Here are some pics of my super fine wife. I’m a lucky man… I get to BANG this body whenever I want it!!! Hope you enjoy. Please vote, and any kind comments are appreciated (and will bring more pics). More to come… Where are the fine Ohio ladies at?!?!?!


Enjoy everyone... Hi friends of the wet life, here is Green Lady Lily again , wetting her lingeries... this is an FF-watersports contri, if you are not into it, switch to the next contri! As always, the whole series can be seen at our homepage, ... peely yours