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mature couple having sex on a public beach

And now to the bed
For all these who doubted the authenticity of Mary's pictures let me clear things up, as the photographer. I started taking her pictures in 1975 when she was 30 year old. They have never appeared in a naturist magazine and if you consider how many I have put onto this site it would have to have been a very large publication. Yes she had a lovely bush which, from time to time, she trimed and sometime removed, which was very bold for those days. It is flattering to think that some believe that these pictures were professional and from a magazine but not true. I know because I am her husband and took them. I hope that you enjoy them but if you don't, no need to be rude because they were the best we could do at the time. Figureman PS The last one shows her with her bush slightly trimed, if they publish it.

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another night in a hotel Found a area to get naked and walk on the tracks, it took a while and we got flat out busted at a botanical gardens as I was shows off for pictures, this guy came out of no where and was playing a guitar just before shooting this little film.


Love her big nipples These are some more pics from the first contri of AH. Just thought that with the possitve comments that we recieved and the request for more, here they are!Thank you for all of your comments, keep'em coming! Hope you enjoy. We have 2 more contri's ready to go after this. IN2SKIN