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candid beach crotch shot 181, standind right over her

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Hi Kate and gang. Thought I'd try something a little different. Here are eight Dallas girls (in two submissions), all of whom I have many more pix -- and more naked, except for the final three, who are already quite naked here. I'll let you decide who you would like to see more of, first. Hey, Kate, I'm curious about the kind of feedback you get from upset women who discover they are displayed on the Internet. You must have some interesting stories about that kind of thing. You can name these girls what you want. I guess these qualify for private shots. I tried to send these a month ago but they were never posted. Cheers from

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After a shower... OK, everyone. Please, let us know what you thikn. I have been married to this woman for 16 yrs, and still find her very attractive, and sexy. She doesn't think so at all, but still agreed to let me post her pictures. Please, let us what you think. Be honest, but not rude. Thanks..........Sean


Girls of Cyprus 2 Naughty Tori - Hello ladies & gents Here are some sexy photos of me shows off for my hubby. The pictures were taken a few days ago while i was feeling naughty. I hope you like them. You can see more of me at: \ kisses