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Hello Kate and Crew! We really enjoyed your comments and all the naturist comments made about me. It really encouraged me to become a regular here! My husband and I spent hours going thru all the photos we have and are ready to send in 6 more rolls so we will be ready for the next several Flame series! Many asked about the picture with the cute brunette. Well it was my birthday a few years back, and my hubby got an expensive hotel room and dinner, etc. When we got back, this cute lil honey was waiting for me. I had been wanting to get hold of her for quite some time and now it was going to happen! We rocked all night long and had a BLAST! I have a whole series on that episode, but unfortunately, some may not make it into the regular section. I will send 1 per series shown to give the whole story of "Birthday Night"..But for now, call these FLAME II..Thanx again to all the guys and gals who commented! I love hearing from you and so does hubby! Kisses

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evde tek baAYA±na :) It's gonna be a busy day ;) Thanks again to all that took the time to leave a nice comment, especially you regulars ;) I read them all and they mean alot to me. A special little "wink" to everyone at the cbb; in light of recent events, we think you'll appreciate it ;) Cheers.


Kisses!!! Nicole These are from the film camera days. Couldn't preview or review shots, we got what we got. She was quite shy and reluctant to show her pussy, but I snuck a few anyway. When picking up the prints, we had a smartass note from the developer on how to avoid red eye. LOL!