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The naked hike continues..
Mark and I had a fabulous vacation! To wrap up our 7 nights in San Francisco, we headed to New Orleans to party Mardi Gras style. Even though it asn't February, there was no shortage of beads or party goers! We ended up meeting some friends for dinner and then heading to Larry Flints Hustler club. We sat in the VIP section and I got my first lap dance (it wasn't anything to brag about). Well, because it was a slow night, they shut down the bar in VIP and all the dancers went downstairs. The girls in the group really wanted to dance so the manager agreed to let our group of people stay upstairs and dance on the stage. It was a blast. As all of you know, lcohol works wonderfully to release your inhibitions. The manager told us we could dance topless if we wanted so we did! It was great. Here are a few shots captured on film... Please keep in mind, these were taken after 2 days of solid drinking so while we don't look so great, we definitely were having a party. Afterwards, things moved forward to our hotel room... but I'm saving those photos for my next contri.

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big areolas ? We always wondered how people can hunt for photos from the section "What I saw." We never thought about such an experiment, but last summer we had the opportunity to try ... We rested on the Black Sea and one day we could do some pictures of this girl.


Vu sur la plage cet ete Wow thanks for the great comments last time, i thought i would post these of me getting ready to go out and some when i got back. The last two are for the people who wanted to see more of my ass i hope you like.