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Hello Kate and Crew! Not sure if I am too late for this theme for the girls with sites. If I am, so what! I am still excited at voy-zone..hehe! We took these pics in the hotel room that we got at Colonial Williamsburg. We were playing around with the new camera, and still learning how to use it! Some of the shots came out a little blurry, not sure if it was TC getting excited, or we need to practice more...:) Either way, here are 10 that I really liked out of the set! Hope you will enjoy them. I decided to look at one of the delicious blow job contris, as they turn me on the most I think!!! :) We took bunches of these which I will post at the Hot Spot. We also got some awesome avi as well, the camera does audio mpegs too! Will be sending some into Homeclips as well as posting them on the site. Hope you will stop by! Love and kisses,

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bang my wife The male photographer showed up very early, and was there the entire time i was getting ready, including when i showered, i got to admit, it was really exciting, we even had some fun with some of the poses as well.


she doesn't know It's been a little while since we last posted here. Just trying to get back into the swing of things. Good comments will certainly get more contriutions and suggestions are readily welcome as the model is very uninhibited.