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Thanks a ton for all the great comments on the previous week contris that had the pics from the university campus and the ones at South Plage at night. We don't know why Asher decided to talk about football instead of LATINA, but we hope this time comments will be of the girl and not sports. This time around, we took some pictures Sunday afternoon and then again Tuesday morning/mid-day. We stared in Lincoln Road and a few pics are from a museum there. For those of you asking for REAL Naked in Public, here are a few shots with strangers passing by. The more mature guy was jogging and could not get through us (on purpose!), and then we asked him to take a pic with her. He had an instant boner! Also, either in part 1 or 2, there are pics with a Colombian guy who was sitting with a friend, who did not wanted to be in the picture so he posed alone with LATINA. She finally dared to also take a pic with the construction workers next to Penrod's, working on Portofino new towers, and you can see her on top of the truck with the guy. All the others around were cheering, and the guy driving the tractor/truck was all blushed! We also took some pics with the helicopter that gives the tours around Miami; if you are from Miami or have ever gone to Miami Plage through the causeway, you know where it is! The final ones we took next to the helicopter in front of the cruises' bay where they are also in construction and you can see all the tubes and pipes; you can also see some construction workers in the back. Again, please leave your email and we will email you more pics later. Vote for us please! Latina gets very wet just from reading your messages, so flood her board with lots of great comments. Watch out for more NIPs soon. She cannot reveal her face in guys are in the hundred thousands, and she is not ready to be THAT public yet. Close up pics will be posted to voy-zone later. We are still waiting for someone to offer to pay for RC's membership. Love you all guys!

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Hot latina Lusty Lynn My name is Lynn. I sent some pics in previously that went to RC. Wanted everyone to enjoy these as much as I did having them taken. By the time I was done with the shoot I had my friend the photographer stripped with his big dick in my mouth. The one on the bed is my evil twin. Lo


Indian girlfriend Hi Kate I am a great fan of your hall of fame. I send you some of pictures of my wife. I would be proud if you can need it for your hall of fame. They are really our own and shot by myself with a slr. greetings from old germany