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Couples have Sex at a public nude beach

jane on hols
On a road trip last week we found this beautiful hidden strand. I wasn't planning to go to the plage that day so I didn't have my bikini with me and there were only a few people's not a naked strand but I couldn't resist getting naked for some sun and pictures of course. There was this one lady that seemed to be quite shocked to see me naked and slowly moved closer and closer pretending to be looking for sea shells or whatever. Soon she was just a few feet away and looking at me from the corner of her sunglasses so I spread my legs wider so she could get a really good look and smiled at her. She got nervous and slowly walked away, checking back ever few steps. You can see her a bit upset with her arms on her hips in one of the

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Just needed to be seen We have been webcamming for a while! Mr has been a member of VW, RC & HC for years! Mrs. has been his model for many more!!!! We are expanding our play area, hope u join us on FB & AFF. Thanks to all our fans!


She loves big ones Babz goes wild! Not surprising...this is one wicked lady! Of course, I mean 'wicked' in all the best senses of the word. I showed her the various Kate websites and my own...and Babz was all over the idea of flashes for all of us! Life is good!