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Mom and Dad have fun at the beach

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First of all we would like to thank everyone for the nice commends on part one, and Sailor should have his own talkshow couse there is no match. But before his ego explodes here is the story. We made severall series and we try to show you the best pictures from each serie. In this contri belgian girl shows my favorit chair. We played with the light so her curves and shadow came out right. The poorer the light the less quality you get but in the end its the girl that counts and i think a lot of guys and girls would like to be the chair she was sitting on that night. Hope you like the pictures

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Soy de Costa Rica Hi Redclouders & RC Crew, I hope you liked my photos where I got zapped..this is part of what happened prior to those photos. I'm off to Colorado for a week and think I will do some flashing around town..say Hi if you see me Enjoy all the photos and mp4 I just posted on my site XXXOOO Victoria


Long legs. In our trip around Europe, we was told to go to the Roskilde Festival in Scandinavia, if we had the chance. What a place! Topless girls walking around. Males and females just peeing in the middle of the road if they had to. People having sex ind front of a crowd. Just the most crazy place we ever been...