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Grannies at the beach

warm in mauritius
Last month I submitted this contri, but the pics were taken with a 35mm camera and then scanned. I then bought a digital camera and boy what a difference in resolution. So, I withdrew the original contri and retook the shots. I hope you like the added sharpness. After my last contri, "Brandy (77) and Her Mower", I wanted to show you what happens post mowing. I really need a cool shower to clean up, although at times the shower can get quite "steamy". (And to Asher- the Toro has a tilt steering wheel that, I found, will accommodate tandem riding- thanks for the suggestion!) Once again, I am hoping you can put this in at the beginning of the month. Thanks for your help and consideration...

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In the wood Our first contribution......although our cam leaves a lot to be desired...hope these pics are presentable! Any suggestions on a good digital cam would be appreciated so that we can try some more shots!


What's cooking? I've been a faithful observer of Red Clouds for almost a year and thought this would be a good time to submit. I'm 52 years old and still can't get enough sex.....Love to hear from any ladies out there.