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Step Daughter just came back from beach

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M* Cooper At 50 - For The Cbb Women - Well - its finally here - the Birthday that actually bothers me! Somehow I feel like i am obliged to be more mature than I actually am - Hmmm... So in order to properly combat this crisis I decided another contri was in order! Wonderful to continue to learn things - I had not picked up a digital camera until this year and have found it a new challenge. Here is part of the learning process. I have enjoyed all of your posts and contris this year. It has been fun and hope next year is even more of a blast. Hope you enjoy these. May you all have a Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year. Cooper

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First contri ever. gracias por sus votos y aqui mandamos la continuacion debido al gran exito que hemos tenido chiquita ya se esta animando amandar las pics mas atrevidas que tenemos y en un descuido se atreve a ensenarnos el rostro y algo mas.


this sets kinda artsy Thank you all so much for the wonderful comments. We truly do read each and every one of them. We promised we would post some rarely seen photos for you guys. These are edited and cropped sort of amateurish. I hope you all still enjoy! Look for our Redclouds contri. And VOTE!!!!