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Yes, Spring is coming
A Voyeur's fantasy in two parts I generally hate using a 'Temp' secretary, but when I am staying at a Hotel in another city, I don't have any choice. They usually send either some flaky twenty year old who knows nothing, or some matronly type, that tries to make me feel like I know nothing. I still can't believe my luck, Rose, the girl they sent, is in the suite's foyer adjusting her thigh highs, and she is something special! I ask her to come in and get set up as I explain that I will need her to answer phones as well as type letters, and I nearly choke on my coffee when she bends over to plug in her laptop. I begin to dictate, but the phone keeps ringing and interrupting me. I pace around the room, ostensibly collecting my thoughts, but in reality watching as her skirt rides higher and higher up her thighs. I apologise for the heat, and explain that the air conditioning is not working at the moment, to explain why I have broken into a sweat. Standing behind her I realise that the top button on her jacket has come undone, and if I stand in the right place I can see this perfect breast enclosed in a sheer black bra! She does not appear to be aware of my scrutiny of her, so I take a seat on a low sofa in front of the table she is using as a desk, and watch breathlessly as she swings her legs open and closed. I cannot believe it! I can see her wonderful legs all the way past her thigh highs, past the exposed creamy bit of her leg to her panties. Through them I can see her pubic hair nestling beneath the sheer black material! After what seems a lifetime of voyeuring, finally, it seems, my fantasy is coming true ...... TO BE CONTINUED...... (and he keeps coming up with these!!! *W*)

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Sweet kiss Sorry for the lack of nudity on the last contri. We were interrupted before we got all the shots. I was eager to post them. I looked around and put together another contri. We'll have to get some shots of the carpet later on. Hope you enjoy!


Witajcie jestem z Polski. I was shopping when I spotted a beautiful girl and her friend. I began taking pictures when they noticed me. I asked if I could take a few pictures they agreed. She asked if I would e-mail her the pictures and she gave me her e-mail address.