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Dear Kate, I've enjoyed your site for some time now. It's terrific! Although I'm not able to enter the voy-zone material (no credit card...), I've enclosed some pics which probably can't be shown on the free section. The pictures from the NIP-folder have been taken two years ago while my lovely wife and I were on holiday in The Netherlands (we live there, so we could do it by bike). It had been a hot day and we were getting horny. After taking some photo's we made out under a huge tree, with day tourists riding the path at some 50 metres passing us by.... Exciting! We enjoy watching eachother while masturbating, so the other two folder comprise the results of a long session of photographing we did a year ago. Call them Love session or so. We still get turned on watching the pictures! I hope your viewers enjoy them two, though the quality is rather poor. I haven't seen any male 'models' on the site yet, but I do believe women get turned on by a little harmless voyeurism too. My wife and I are now 37 and 40 years old and we still like to indulge in watching and showing off. Nice thing about the site is the respect and love that is shown in many pictures. Expect more in the future! And ehh... please don't publish the email address... Kind regards

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My wife in shower Thinks Kate for your fantastic website! This my 2nd contri. Sorry I cspeak a bad english! Here some pics of my sister on a sand in France. She doesn't know that I was doing. She thinked this little place in the plage was very quiet! The title is : Cathy and sun!


Sexy shorts... For those of you who don't like her, go to the next set of pics please. For her fans, she let me send in more than 4 this time! Please enjoy and send lots of comments...she loves to read them. And, don't forget to vote! Thank you!