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Nude girl on beach - 2

Anina?s perfect body
Oh, two things.... First, for those of you that like to whine about the "bluring"; STOP! I am sharing my body with you because I like to show it; be happy and thankful that I do. The votes are nice because it shows your appreciation but are not the reason I show off. I just like being looked at and being fucked good by whoever I CHOSE and Hubby allows! If you behave, maybe one day Hubby will let you fuck me if I pick you.... Don't worry about the blur; trust me, you will not be desapointed and I know you would not turn me down if I wanted you to fuck me. The question is, could you do it hard and nasty for as long as I want you to?

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never wear panties My sexy wife Ali purchased a new short short and wanted to show it off... so i took her pic... Posting some of her pictures for the first time. If you like her please comment, this will encourage her to pose more exotically. Also, you can e-mail us directly if you have a need to talk one on one.


hi again gang, Big Boobs, Big Cocks & Bananas - Hope you all don't mind if we tease you a bit with my big boobs, Mr. Funtease's big cock...and a banana that met it's match....let us here it in our comments if you like....and we'll DEFINITELY be sure to post more!!