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Swinger outdoor beach gang-bang ! Real public group sex !!! Part I

On my wedding anniversary
Mmmmma€¦ do any of you remember ME? I hope so (check me out in FunBags a€“ youa€™ll find the last eleven years of my sex life there!). Now for something COMPLETELY different! A REVERSE FACIAL! Hubby and I think this is something TOTALLY new in the realm of homemade porn. How many times have you seen hubby and friends make a sticky mess on MY face??? Well, this time ita€™s MY turn to cum all over HIS face! Even though Ia€™m not the photographer in the family, I managed to get a few stills of the fun a€“ I think youa€™ll like the clip of me smearing my hot, wet, freshly-shaved pussy all over his face even better! SOa€¦ without further adoa€¦ on the preliminaries in part one of four. PERVERTS!

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BT at work Visiting amsterdam I caught these girls peeing in public. They had no idea I was shooting away with my new camera. I wrote them a note and placed it under their windowwhipers of their car that they could email me to see their pictures, they never emailed.... so here they are for the world to see.


playa dress babe.. We headed into an empty warehouse to shoot these photos! I hope you like them, it was a total turn on taking them because some guys were walking by and saw me naked! I let them watch before the cops came! Haa, it's a long story, but well worth it! Love you all! Naomi