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Public sex on the beach

Enjoying the attention!
Wow! The response to our first submission was overwhelming and (mostly) flattering. To our crude detractors I will only say what I said on the Bulletin Board: a lot of psychologists believe that men who are turned off by a full-figured woman with big melons and a very hairy cunt are frequently latent homosexuals or repressed pedophiles. Until you've had a lady like Jane have a seat on your face for half an hour or unless you've tit-fucked a gal built like her, well, you don't know what you're missing. To the rest of you: Many thanks for enjoying my wife so much. Some of you asked for some good snatch shots. Well, I could swear that I included one or two last time and I'm doing so again. I wonder if Kate wants you to pay for the privilege of seeing my wife's juciest part? Come on, Kate. Be a sport and give the people what they want, on me! If anyone wants to write to ! us directly we'll post our e-mail address on the Bulletin Board.

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Hi all you RC members, Slim Body With Sexy Small Boobs - Hi from Jasmin! I can say for sure I am beautiful. Look yourself at my expose and tell what you think. I am slim with sexy small boobs and shaved pussy. Look at my beaver! It is Hot! Flashes in the east-room is fantastic show I enjoy greatly. You are all very welcome to see me.


May Wifi in Turkey Here are some more shots of my hot wife and I. I love when she gets in these moods. She was a little surprised to see the first contri, but I think it actually turned her on even more. Thanks for the great work too! Looking forward to comments on the BB.