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amateur strapon on the beach 2

She loves feeling sexy
Angelic Michele: Pussy And Cock - Hi Kate&Gang! Rcers! :) Here is the part two of the T&A series in naturist. Look some days back in GWS section if you missed them! Hopefully the title of these were warning enough that it would be Jere and I together. lol I dont think I mentioned that to you guys! Well, I do hope you will like these views....... I love when Jeres cock is in me! In any hole! *Smiles* Oh and then when he starts licking my asshole....geeezzz.... Remember to click the link at the top right of this page to get to my personal site! Lots of pics and vids there to view! Take care and chat with you guys and girls soon... Love, xx Michele

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segue in giro per casa... The responses to our first contri were great. So here are a few more. Let us know what you think! P.S. We are working on some more action scenes. I have to get a digicam. These movie captures are a pain in the ass.


Thanks to my camera. Thanks for the great comments on my "Black Lacy" set. I hope that you like this pink top as much. Just like last time, there are some photos that are unsuitable for VW that I've posted on RC. Hopefully, RC members will enjoy those, too!