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nat sucks joshs cock at the beach

at beauty center
This is the second set from us (although this set is almost entirely just the female half of us)... We were glad people enjoyed our first set, both the voy-zone and voy-zone portions. Again this set is split into two across the two, so we encourage folks to go check out the naturist half, as well! Also, thanks a lot for all the comments on our first set. We appreciated them a lot, and we will try in the future to accomodate requests. We'll also try to reply to some of the comments to both our first set and this set soon in the comments sections. Again, we are EducatedAndFun on AFF. And please, don't forget to VOTE and leave COMMENTS!

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Fun in the shower. My girl loves to deepthroat cock, she just lets me grab a handfull of hair and fuck her face until she gags real hard Sometimes it goes a little to far but she is desperate for my cum. If you like what u see let her know and we will show the facials (there messy)


Panties - yes or no? We need a place to sleep for the night. To check of it is good we havewalk a round in the motel. I'am a litlle bit naked under my dress.... if sometime my dress is a litlle open......sorry about this...haha It is a good motel...we spend the night here.. Kiss,