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Ellen and Sandy on the beach...F70

Tit nA? sauce!
Here are some more photos of my wife of 35 years, Yvonne. Photos from 18 to 50. Please excuse as she does not want her face shown as she still is a practicing attorney. Maybe when she retires she will allow, but not for now. She needs to keep working as for a while, as I am a "kept man" and stay at home and with the "tank" in the economy, much $$ has been lost. She has but on a little weight lately, and does not want me to take any more photos till she sheds 10 pounds. She is on a serious low- carb diet and excicise program, so maybe it won't take too long. Please comment if you want more. Yvonne and Ol' Fart.

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do you want more ? This is a friend of mine. I think she would have a good chance at the sexy rears competition. Maybe with some encouragement from the bb, she will submit some more. Pls label as "Bud Girl". Excellent site!!!


Just a little Me time Hi, I am Peter and my wife is Lynda in hte United Kingdom. After looking at pics of others on voyeurweb we felt it was only right that we should make a contribution for others to enjoy. This was waiting for a bus outside a pub one night, and feeling like fun. Hope you like them.