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Beach again with SandrotheBest

un po di foto varie
New Miami Sand Wife Here are some more pics of my new wife. We happened to snap them in bed the other night after sex. She didn’t get dressed up special or try to pose so this is just her normal everyday look! (Not to bad!!!) I also included a pic of her engagement ring since I had to read all the comments last time about how she was going to leave me for a guy with $$$$$! I don’t think I need to worry with 5 carats wrap around her finger and also giving her the ability to never work again. (Oh and by the way I am not old either we are only a few years apart. She is 27 and I am 32. (So sorry guys she’s not a gold digger) I wouldn’t normally get this personal but it’s irritating to read all the stupid comments from jealous idiots who can only dream of having a girl like this! Please leave more good comments and we will keep them coming monthly. You guys had her at number one for almost the entire last month and then she dropped to 3rd the last week???????

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i love to swallow Hello, my name is Martin. Im from Stuttgart. I send you my second part of pics of my wife. We are married since five years. She makes the best blowjobs I ever had. Shes a mother of three. And I love her very much. Enjoy the pics. Please no comment and no E-Mail. She would kill me, if she knows...


do you like me??? Alyssa really enjoyed this image shoot.And Sable is just too cute. I've got a little more of the cuddly stuff for you before we get down to it. And, a tit flash of myself for you in pic 10. Hope you enjoy these. Hang on for the rest to be up soon... Hugz,Cherrie