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Greetings, fellow perverts, STCLa€™s hubby, here! As usual at the start of a new year, Ia€™m posting a couple of retrospectives of my slutty housewife, aka South Texas Cock Lover, this time with a bit more creativity. True story a€“ on our second date fourteen years ago, it happened to be my birthday and she was visiting me in Dallas. I was divorcing my first wife, the devil, and STCL had just graduated college a€“ I told her before we ever met that my next woman must be sexually adventurous and do whatever I tell her to do while allowing me to take pics/videos to be published on the a€?net. Guess what she gave me for my birthday that year? A digital camera! The message was clear and this is the result, fourteen years of sexual perversion a€“ ELEVEN of them on RC/HC/Funbags. Each of these clips has been published in full length here and is by now available via Funbags, so stroke up and DO keep sending pics/vids of YOUR slutty women a€“ I use them, too, you know!

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hope you like my boobs Ok, so I may not have the body of a goddess. I am really just a typical girl next door who likes to have fun! Come see if I’m your neighbor. If I’m not you’ll have to settle for the pics and vids, but if you are, you could come have loads of fun! (pun intended ;)