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Skinny amateur girl fucked on the beach

Just seeing what happens
There is nothing like the hot afternoon heat that makes you want to cool down on the patio with a nice suction cock rock. So I lube up the dildo and mount it to the sliding glass door then I shove the rocking chair right up next to the door sit down and mount the dildo just as if it were my own man and start the nice suction cock rock. All the tension starts to fade as the cool breeze lightly drifts over my skin and my butt cheeks slap glass as if I am slowly being mounted from behind. I control the action with the movement of my legs whether I want it hard and pounding or slow and smooth either way I finish with a climax that has left me exhilarated and ready to play again and again for the rest of the day. You can watch me first and then see if you want to swap the real thing for later?

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Kisses, Siena I grabbed the camera and ran to my own computer and downloaded the photos and edited some of them since I don't want to be too obvious with my identity.....just in case. And now I'm uploading them here for him (and all of you) to see.


Gotta love JFOXXX... I just got a digital camera...and it is FUN! Here are the first shots we took last night...what do you think? Comments are welcome and encouraged! We have always loved this site, and to be able to contribute is a real turn-on! If we get some positive reviews, there will be more...PROMISE!