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fat beach patrol 4 (shark attack)

A great day at the tub!
Well, bless her heart, Mary Ann has agreed to contribute to the voy-zone, which she once hated and despised. Now, when she trades pictures and reads your comments on the bulletin board, her face is aglow with pride, her spirits lifted for the day, soaring like an eagle, her heart pounding with exhilaration. She would like to respond to everyone who wants to trade pictures, but there are just too many of you. Far too many. But she has traded pictures with many of you and, believe me, some of you guys have beautiful wives, girls friends, and lovers. Kate and friends at naturist, we love your encouragement. It wasn't easy for Mary Ann to do this the first time, believe me, what with the priest, psychologist, psychiatrist and her Mother battling us Funny thing is, after Mary Ann was so well received, her sisters and friends got into it. Since I'm the one with the "extremely complicated digital camera" I get to take the pictures!!! Hope they don't find out it is so damn easy to do. Don't tell'em, OK? I do have one problem, Mary Ann's high school boyfriend (asshole supremess), Harry saw her and has been calling her and wants to "get together." He was impressedhow good she now looks and that she came in second for October and that she has been added to Kate's Hall of Fame. Maybe Mary Ann was right... Til next time, your humble servant, Joe Zee Dog P.S. One out of 100 people who post tell me that they "don't believe a word I am saying but the story is fun." Well, it IS ALL TRUE (and then some), including the lecherous lawyer who told Brandy to go on naturist. Well, maybe we should do our own little web site? Any suggestions on how this is done?

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Christmas at a hotel Lucky had been away for work again for a few weeks..and he never comes back empty handed...always with something special for me. This time, it was a few pair of nice panties...let me know what you think of them. If we get nice comments, there are more pics to share.. :)


Come and get it This is my final set in the "Decade of Pussy" series. It covers from 2006 to the present. It's been a rather hectic 5 years & we simply haven't got around to taking many pics. Maybe 2010 will be the "year of the pussy"! lol! Please remember, bonus pics for comments with valid emails.