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slutwife Liza for strangers men on the beach

Miky play with her toy boy
A few weeks ago my best friend and I met at a local bike path only to find it was closed. On a whim we decided to bike back around a local housing subdivision. Following the power lines, we ended up at this park we didn't even know existed. It was private and magical. Naturally, the first thing I thought of was how perfect it was to have a pic shoot. The next day Eric and I checked it out. Then, the following day we brought a picnic and a duffle bag of clothes to shoot. We managed to shoot enough for 2 contris before the battery died. As prepared as we were to shoot for hours, here I was w/ a dead battery. We made the most of it but intend on returning soon. Here's the first contri, the next I will upload in a few days. Thank you to all the viewers for your great comments and support and to the naturist staff for all that you do.

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Needs a bit of widening Hubby took some pictures of me while I was tanning in the backyard. I hope you enjoy them. Thank you all for the wonderful comments. Pls continue...I look foward to reading them. If you don't like the pictures or have nothing nice to say pls move on to the next. Kisses LAS


my sweet Ass Kate: Here are various pictures of Linda taken during the Year 2000, hotel hallways, parking lots, local tavern, hotel lobby, driving, etc. Please post in Naked In Public. Thanks, and have a great year.