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jerking, cumming and abusing girl on the beach

some pics of nips
Cam and I love to hike and our recent vacation in Hawaii afforded several opportunities in great locations. The key to naked hiking is mosquito repellant… hehehe. The hike was along a stream and through a bamboo forest. When we decided on more than just naked hiking we went a bit farther off the beaten path and found a nice quiet spot…. Ok it wasn’t so quiet as we started the fun *wink*. For the keen observers out there, YES my poor buns got sunburned the day before when I switched to a slightly smaller bikini… Cam was nice enough to put some of his own special “lotion” on it… hehehe. No bunburn comments please:0) Have a great day!

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preparation for harvest I bought myself some new lingerie to celebrate my slimmer body. I had some some sexy photos taken and wanted to share them with my Redclouds viewers and my husband John ofcourse. Enjoy... P.S Thanks to everyone for their previuos nice comments


It was a happy Time Lana here These pictures are taken after I took off my coat at home. After going out to the bars one night and flashing some guys. It was fun to see there eyes pop out when I did it.. I'm just going to have some more guts and take pictures of it the next time (I'm shy) Lana