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> Hi there my sweet Kate!!! I know it has been a while since my last contribution but I kept waiting for you to show up at my doorstep with your camera -- but would you believe it -- you NEVER showed!Ý :( Ý Anyway, here are some pix that I took outside at a park we visited while on vacation.Ý It was pretty scary but, what can I say, you bring out the "exhibitionist" in me.Ý I hope that these qualify for your Naked IN PUBLIC section.Ý I wasn't completely naked but I got awful close at times.Ý It was sooooooooo exciting and sooooooooo scary at the same time.Ý I just LOVE that thrill of possibly being seen!Ý You can title this contri "KayDee and The Trolley 1". Ý Lastly, I know that it is against your policy to post my email here along with my comments but I was wondering if you could put my ICQ number here.Ý I REALLY love hearing from "voy-zonebers".Ý They are the GREATEST!Ý My ICQ number is 22324235.Ý I set up this account especially for my voy-zone friends and I hope that they will all write me. Ý Well, have a SUPER day Kate!Ý Kisses and Nibbles to my favorite webmaster! KayDee P.S.Ý Please don't publish my email address, sugar. (I just couldn't resist, hon)

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