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Amazing gorgeous tanned beach nude.

Sexy Wife!1
Hi Guys, Some of you, who saw my previous contris knows I like sunbathing on the balcony. It was a lovely morning and I took an opportunity to catch some sun while my husband was still sleeping. Usually it’s is impossible to wake a man up (you know what I mean), but not this time. Men have some sort of intuition. They might be sleeping, lying unconsciously on a bed in intensive care until they sensed a naked woman nearby. Second later they are on their feet with eyes wide open. Guys, how do you do that?!!! Good he managed to grab the camera on the way to the balcony. Now I can share the moment with you. I have to say I had a double pleasure watching the sea and feeling something sliding between my legs. Of coarse he was generously rewarded and next week you’ll see how.

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your all very kind. *Xl Kimber In The Living Room - Kimber and I wanted to send in another quick contri this month and we decided to take some pics inside today since it was raining. Let us know what you think and I hope you all enjoy them to the fullest! See you next time. Tamo


Aguardamos comentarios. My husband and I had a day away from the kids and decided to go down to the playa. It's so sexy to be naked where anyone could see. I love the thrill of getting caught! A military helicopter kept circling around while I was stripping. I hope they got a good show, and I hope you do too.