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My girlfriend Becky
Cam and I were talking the other day as we were leaving a store, discussing some of the people we saw in there and thinking they looked like they would look good posting on naturist, or if another person looked like a naturist viewer…. It is amazing how looking at the contri’s here you start thinking of people differently when you see them:0) Posters? Viewers? Maybe just mention the website…. Hehehe Does anyone else look at people and wonder? Maybe we need a secret naturist sign:0) We decided we were going to take some pics and wanted someplace we haven’t been before. We were driving around and saw this park with no cars in the lot. Perfect! We took a few by the building with the office and bathrooms and then walked down a trail to take some pics. This park is not isolated but between two residential areas. In a couple places you could see roofs of houses. We took a bunch of pictures and decided to try another area closer to the playa. We had just started down the trail when around the corner comes two old ladies and their dog! I can only imagine what they would have thought if they caught us! That is TWICE in a row we have been caught or almost! We need some lookouts! Any volunteers??? This one is in two parts:0) One has more front, the other more buns:0) No panties this time:0) Thanks you guys! We love the comments:0)

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EX-GF photos Hi everybody. Here are some shots of me spreading and playing with my pussy. I’m such an exhibitionist slut! Doing these photos and posting them on Red Clouds is such a turn on for me. Please let me know if you like them.


All night long Playing Around Before A Night Out! - My Friend is a little shy, so after a few drinks we started playing around with the digital before we went out. We can't wait for your comments so she becomes more comfortable with herself and will take and post more pictures.