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Thanks everyone for the good comments coming in on our 9/12/01 posting. This is the second set of pics from that night. As I said in the first contri it started with me getting very wet while doing some NIP pictures. We then stopped for drinks at a couple of topless clubs where I got a lap dance that left me dripping. The dancer said she loved the view of my shaved wet pussy. It was a clear view since I was not wearing any panties. On the way home we both took a viagra. For those who say it does not work on woman they are wrong, at least for me. My husband came 4 times and I had at least 20 orgasms. I am very multi-orgasmic but these were the deepest, longest and most intense I have ever had. It got so wild we missed alot of great pics. Would love to hear from all of the woman out there as I am still looking for someone who might get me past nervous to actually being with another woman. I have never been with another woman but the will is their if not the gusts. We especially love all of the comments from the ladies or couples in Southern CA. God Bless America and the Freedoms we Have. We are praying for all of the victems and families that have lost so much in the tragedy that occurred in New York and DC.

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just opening it up Well, first of all, glad you guys liked the redesigned site! :) Sorry I was gone so long, but this summer was kinda busy for me. Anyhow, here are some more pics.... I got into kind of a 70's theme with it..... all that free love and sex and stuff, whoooo!


summer and the sea Rosie: Time To Undress - Hello from Hot Rosie! I miss you Oodles! I wish you could read my mind as I dream about you, my dearest, sweetest friends. I am dressed up and have got blood pressure jumping up. Guess why?! I am overexcited. Time to undressing? Enjoy my lovely body. Like my boobs?!