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Young nudist friends naked together at the beach

A HOTTIE in a hot canyon
Hi Kate Jerry naturist crew & Redclouders! I just shared a few of my pics from vacation in Hawaii over on naturist, but vacation makes me horny and these pics were too hot to go up there. After an afternoon in the sun on the playa, and floating in the beautiful water of Hawaii I needed a shower. Jme has a tan line fetish so he was there with the camera as soon as I took off my suit. Good thing I like the attention! Hehe. Rubbing lotion into my skin and admiring my tanlines in the mirror got me turned on, and shaving even more so. One thing lead to another and next thing i know I'm getting fucked! ;)~ Hope you enjoy the results, I sure did! Love ya, Nikki ;)~

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evening all Part 2 of our first time contributing. Do you like what you see? Let us know with comments and votes. We really want to win and hopefully we'll be sending in more contri's. Sorry about the quality of these, they were taken directly from a movie we made of the afternoon.


I loved to pound this ass. Hello Everyone, We had a request to do a picture in a bar, how funny it's already been done, Thanks for all the support VW viewers AND BE SURE TO POST YOUR EMAIL IF YOU WANT TO KEEP TRACK OF US IN THE FUTURE! Call this Sugar and Spikes adventure NIP, PDPMEA. THANKS