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Last weekend Sierra and I took a trip to South Lake Tahoe, NV and stayed at Caesar's Palace. We got the water in the jacuzzi so hot that we almost passed out after sitting in it for 15 minutes or so (that also explains the red ass (grin)). Please tell all your viewers that we ALWAYS send pussy shots. This is the fourth time we've submitted photos and every time the person making the comments has removed them and posted only the tame photos (the pussy shots weren't explicit, either... just open legs). Then we have to put up with all the bitchin' and moanin' on the message board. There are *6* photos being sent with this email. SO.. please count how many are posted before deciding to bitch about no pussy shots. We sent 'em! And to the vast majority of posters who say good things even without the pussy shots, you all know that the missing pics arrive in your email box. Keep postin' those comments. We love reading them.

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end of winter Mature Beauty and I went on a vacation to Europe and these photos were taken while we were tourists. Because of her profession her face can never be visible in the photos. If that offends you then seek another contribution. Mature Beauty is 60 and completely natural except that she shaves her pussy for me.


naked and hot on the couch Skin as soft as silk. wish she was open to flashes but she would never consider the idea. these are by chance captured pics shes not aware of i have. she fanatasizes about doing it with another woman. any ladies care to seduce her.. :)