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I met her a few years ago, I thought she was beautiful. Pretty chocolate skin, and the biggest ass in teh world. She had no self esteem, had been in a really bad relationship. I helped her out of it and from that point on it was the beginning of the end. She went on a tear, screwing sevearl guys at the job, to and including the mailman. She betrayed trust, lies constantly and had no reason to do any of it. I knew some of her background and told her to do as she wished but keep me informed so I can adjust when necessary. She had the job turned upside down with several people wanting to kick her ass. she was the bestafter being a good listener and making several adjustments to her appearance. No one never payed an attention until the day I took over helping her. I still have to give her her props though, she was an excellent student that then attempted to fool the teacher.

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