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Watch her bathe her amazing teen body in the water

How cleaning is done!
Dear Red Clouds, Asher and Crew, We've gotten great comments on the BB and some rather nasty ones. When we sent in our first contri, we failed to include the good shots of the wife's ass. So here they are. Could you please post these ASAP to redeem my poor wife's virtue? (she is currently in a hand cast and suffering from a seriously cut thumb. The comments from the past post made her smile, but now feels like she has to shut up the jerks that don't believe she has a great ass.) If the comments on the BB are well, we'll submit more. She's even thinking about taking requests. :-) Thanks for the great job as always!!

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What a sweet, sweet ass Victoria may not be as brave as those other girls who strip in pubs, but she gets a big rush out of walking around naked under a coat. Innocent passers by have no idea she is butt naked under her coat and as they walk by she unleashes her charm.


gotta love her I was trying to get some scenery pic's and Nikkie kept getting in the way and ruining my pictures.(lol)These are a few pic's from one of our fall color tours, there are like five hundred steps to get up to the lookout area.Probably not as much nudity as most would like but we hope you enjoy them.