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michael gives head at the beach

Hi. Sorry for the delay but we had some trouble with our computer. We get a lot of request for contact and website addy in our last contri, but there are still some couple who didn't give us the good email and our answer to them came back undelivered. We ALWAYS answer request so if you didn't get our mail, make sure to give us a valid email in your comment. Some people have their email address as introduction of their comment but if there is no specific request for our website url or contact we just read your comment with pleasure. We can't answer all the questions you have on your comments, but if you ask for contact we'll send you an email and then we'll be able to answer your questions. About this contri : This is what happened to the girl from the last contry after the dinner..!!!! Remember we welcome couples or single girls between 18 and 45 who visit Paris and like to have the best "Souvenir of Paris" they can dream on.... This contri is in 5 part from 40A to 40 E Have fun.

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crazy day.. She dressed up in her maid outfit for a few quick pictures. She's 48 years old, but I think she's got the body of someone 20 years younger. Let her know what you think, and she may post more. Cheers!


bedroom fun... I have to keep reminding people that my english is not so good, so please don't make fun lol. Here are some more pics of me doing just what you like. I am in the middle of taking some new picture, so please don't worry. I read your comments and i will listen to your advice, thank you.