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Hello Kate, On the recommendation of a friend, I visited your site for the first time today. I was really impressed! Had a great time in your chat room, too...although I almost gave up due to the number of requests for pics. I thought I would post a few to help that problem next time. These are some that my dear friend (and now roommate,) Cassie, took of me this summer after a friend's wedding. It started out innocently enought, but after a few 'adult beverages' I got carried away. I guess the fact that I didn't wear any underwear to the reception helped some, too. In any case, here they are. I guess you can call them the "After Party." Hope you like them.

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Mink and a thong....... First Timers at a Naked Plage II We were thrilled with the response from our first contri's, so we are sharing more of our two days spent at a naked playa. It was a freeing experience for the spirit, and the body. It also was very sexual just being nude!! Hope you enjoy as much as we did


A moment with my wife I want to start by thanking all of my fans for all of the great comments on my last contri. Happy Halloween to all of my fans and the entire vweb community and staff. Sailor asked in my last contri where I have been. Well Sailor, I have been in the jungle wearing this. Do you like? Love to all.