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Dear Kate, Thanks for providing such a great web site. I have posted several times and always enjoy the great comments I receive. Hubby and I recently joined Red Clouds and have been enjoying that site as well. My name is Tabitha and I really enjoy playing for the camera. This entry, "Snow Angel", was taken a couple of weeks ago when we were getting one of our more beautiful snowfalls. I looked out the window late one night and the ground was covered with about 10 inches of beautiful white undisturbed snow. The flakes coming down were huge and so pretty. I was in my robe so I slipped on my shoes and told hubby to grab the camera it was play time. He couldn't believe I was going out into the snow to make a snow angel. We turned on the flood lights out back and I darted out into the fresh powder. Facing the camera I let myself fall back in the snow and hubby started clicking off the shots. I have to admit, it was pretty cold even though I was laying with the robe between me and the snow. The pictures were taken and I dashed back into the house. Hubby made me pose for a few after shoots and said my nipples were so hard they could cut glass! All I know was I was cold and needed a good warming up which hubby was more than happy to provide. He just never knows what I'm going to do next. Enjoy the pictures and hey, Please Don't Show My Email. :)

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I'm still waiting... Divine Dutch Nudity 2 Hi Guys, As we experienced some very hot days here in Holland, we thought we would take some pictures of Sophia outdoors by the lake. Again we hope you like em as much as we do. Greetings to the crew and visitors. Sophia and Pat


What I saw in Key West Hello, some pics from the Holidays. We have a lot of fun and sex. It was very very great and hot to make the pics. We makes the pics in the near from a street, where drive at times a car passed. I hope you love and enjoy my pics. Tell me whether you like it.