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Imtaking a viewers advice and entering a spread. Thankyou, by the way, to me there is no bigger compliment. I always wanted eyes on me but was'nt sure how to do so without actually coming out and asking ...This has been the trick and "WOW". I find myself spending alot more time in the shower tickling and carressing my special spots and when i reach my peak its like none before and multiple times i must brag!! All because I know someone out there is looking at me!! Now im ready for the next step,an up close and personalpeek session...and Iknow just the person too..This one might have to be hands on ...Thanx Again!!! , XOXOX Hope this is making you sweat a little,I know you want it ...come and get it!!!

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I want give you my wife Mmmmmm, I got sooo horny while my boyfriend was taking photos of me for VW, that I couldn`t wait any more to play with his toy. There are three sets of that session, here you have the first one. Enjoy!! Que las disfruteis!! Hasta luego Lucas!!!


treat 4 ur eyes... I love to be outdoors in the naked, but our long winters make it very difficult. So one night when the temperature hovered just below freezing I took a chance that none of my neighbors were watching and did a little snow dance.