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red dress on
Hey everyone, we took this set, over a year ago but thought, some of you might still enjoy them. We sure had a blast taking these pics, I really hope you like this, it`s not everyone`s cup of tea! I can still remember,... comments saying,...I had a beer belly during my posts from my first trimester? Looks like I ate the case in these pics! haha! We sure had a lot of fun, getting the room ready for my belly! You know, all work, no play... Yeah right! Getting my tools in order,... I had this stylin blue hammer! It felt real nice in my hand! Wow, ...did I ever get ripped off! That JP, the sneak that he is, Slipped Me The Woodie! haha! You`ll see it dangling from my Tool Belt! Drop by and say hello, I really love to hear from you and if you need any renovations? Drop me a message, I`d love to say hello...! Big Kisses, XXX

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MY NECK TO NIPPLES COLLAR I got up early to fix you breakfast but the music was playing and I was dancing around and started taking my clothes off and so breakfast will just have to wait. I got other things in mind and they include you babe. I want you to come and touch me, feel me and fuck me babe xoxo