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My First Contr
Second posting, Kim was thrilled with the positive comment she recieved for the peepin' and sleepin' contri. Because of those nice comments she is willing to post more. We were a little disgusted with a few of the comments that were obviously made by small minded boys who cant afford or are too cheap to pay a membership fee to a great site,,,such as voy-zone, so they depend on others generosity for free entertainment, then have the nerve to complain about the manner in which it is provided. Shame on you, you are certainly not mature enough to understand that erotic and sexy has absolutely nothing to do with nakedness. Luckily, the mature and intelligent on the site far outnumber you few nitwits.

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My girlfriend Sarah's ass Friday night and my hubby and I were out on the town and met a great guy. Coudn't resist, brought him home and he had a wicked tongue. I couldn't stop cuming. Welcome your thoughts. Bye the way if you are a new fan I am 59yrs old.


my boobies after a shower Well, this is not exactly my first contri as some of you will recognize me from other contris and the BB. What can I say? I am a voyeur for life. I finally fulfilled a fantasy of mine and created a site. It is recently published. I would love to hear you comments so write away. Love