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Beautiful blonde fuck and facial on the beach

Here are some more pics......Justanother fun night ofme and Sweetie.... again!We would take a shower together, fool around a little bit, he would paint my toenails, and I would do my make-up while clickin through other "nudistcontris" and talk about all the different pics! That is always fun! I love findinga really hot set of pics......and just scroll up and down in admiration! hehehe anyoneelse do that? Then I would fiddle with my hair ( which I looks like shit! Blame it on sweetie...he begged me to cut it short! AFTER I had it half way grown out! grrr) he would pick me out something to wear, and we would just talk dirty to eachother (goofin around, to seewho could think of something naughtier to say) Me totally fixed up, making out, and takin pics! I got to masterbate for him....that drove him crazy! I told him about my GG fantasy!!!! And he has made me have orgasm, after orgasm, after orgasm!!! Never in my life have I ever gotten as turned by this man till we started doin pics to post! MMM I better leave it at that..........going to bed :)~ ****Muah***** xoxoxo

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walking on the bike path Hey here's a little more of Star at the club, thanks for all the great comments, we love visiting voyeurweb so much and hope that everyone enjoys these as much as the rest of our submissions. thank you


just having fun Brian'S Nap 2005 19 - WOW what a year at this year's Nudes-A-Poppin! Thanks for everyone that found me and said hi to my wife and I. These pictures were taken with a Canon 20D & a 580 flash. This event only goes on once a year. Everyone ENJOY!!!