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beach babe 3 (parena)

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Hi All! It’s been a busy summer for hubby & I. This is our first submission in a long time. I was trying to pick out and outfit for the “Toga Joe” Wild & Sexy Clam Bake. It’s an Adults only, end of summer, pool party held in the New York/New Jersey area. Hubby thought this would be the perfect opportunity to snap some pictures. I hope you all like the outfit. For party information and pictures just search “Toga Joe” in yahoo and you’ll find the web sight. His next party is called “School Girl” and we also figured this would be an excellent opportunity for us to submit our NEXT CONTRI, Woo-Hoo little Plaid Skirts and short button down White Shirts, you gotta love that look. Maybe we’ll see some of you at the up-cumming “Toga Joe” party. We enjoy reading ALL of the comments and we hope to receive many more from all the boys, girls and couples! Regards, SexySunglasses & Happy Hubby

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In a cave.... and hello again :) any doubts life is about motion? :) your original thought is much appreciated, either you may like to visit "iris: loco motive" thread in freestyle bb to check your comment/question replied or just have a chat with us, you welcome... be sportive and smiling, iris and veiiia :)


Wet Adriana -:) My last contri I took some pictures of my friend doing a fashion show. This one we thought it would be cool to do some outdoors shots. We werent looking necessarily to get caught taking pictures by people, we just wanted some cool locations. We found this fountain and it was actually a lot of fun.