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fisherman catches at beach a horny mermaid

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Hi Guys: I sent some pics in last week, and I was told they were too hot for private shots. SORRY... I had these taken by a girlfriend of mine, and I think I tamed these down a bit. Like I mentioned previously, I have been working out and tanning, and I think I have my idol, Dr. Pam, beat. How about a little friendly competition between the good DR. and myself. I think the people would enjoy it. I know I would. I did not hear from my idol last set of photos, so I hope she is watching. I also hope all of you other men and women are watching as well. Please title these Friendly Competition. Love and kisses,

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One may get you 2 Hello Voyeurwebers, I have been a fan of this great site for over a year. However, I feel that men don't get as equal an opportunity to express their "form" as women do. These are my first ever pics and hope that they are posted. Feel free to e-mail me with comments.


I'm so proud of that ass. Hi, Vwebbers! Carla is excited to have the chance to show off the exciting work and scenery that goes into astronaut training. Well, she may not be training to head to the stars, but she is a star always in my telescope. Hope you enjoy. Carla loves the comments and tries to respond to as many as possible.