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Irma for us...part II
I love being my husband's sexy wife. I feel so beautiful seeing his reaction...giggle. Sex is a huge part if our lives and despite him being perverted and me doing everything he desires, I love surprising him. I am most happy to be his model and outlet for his fantasies. He is a very dominant and loving male. And having his approval of what I wear and if I pleased him is so important to me. To be in his arms after we play is heaven to me. We laugh and joke around and people tell us we are a lovely couple. And I do love the effect I have on men too. So please be nice like my husband, and of course I do hope you enjoy me.

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I Love Shiny Leggings Here I am just having fun with photography. Nothing serious but hope you like them anyway. It was fun not having to play with myself or something else. Just being myself. Hope you had a nice new year. Kisses, Heather.


Just a day by the pool. The responses from the last set were awesome, Karin had no problem flashes for these after reading them. Again I am sorry for blocking her face, at least she lets me get this far! Pls don't post my e-mail, Thanks