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As a few million turkeys suddenly realise the pilgrims owe them big time, I give thanks in print to Jimmy The Saint, Douchebag Bob and Small ('but walkin' tall') Ernest - three of the finest geniuses (or 'genii'?) ever to inhabit an IT department like some strange alien fungus.------------------------ They helped me salvage shots I thought long dead along with the compact flash card I blistered in the hot sun. Moreover they helped me complete my Spanish Harem collection (or it that 'Spanish Harlot'?) with some devastatingly tear-inducing recovered pics of an Iberian favourite.----------------- Whatever black magic you fruitcakes worked, be it ritual sacrifice of your pet gimps or Sumerian Book of The Dead recital, I promised I'd give you a shout and here it is. Ok?----------------- Now fuck off back to the dungeon, you goofy bastards, and let the last true amateur playa voyeur (oh, yes, haters - look around the big bad interweb and realise you've been backing the wrong pro horses all along; they're laughing at you mugs) serve the masses some lookee-lookee pussy ;-)) ----------------------------------You see, I am a creator, Inventor and Innovator, I observe the people, The ordinary people, No matter what your occupation is, Everybody's in showbiz. I'm the magic maker, I'm the image maker, I'm the interior decorator, Gonna make you a star, cos everybody's a star. . .

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