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Jerking for girls at beach

The best is behind her
*Gg Natalie And Natasha Culture Club - Hi Kate, Jerry, Asher, Blue and gang, greetings to everyone!! These pics are from Natasha and Natalie, two of voy-zones' infamous exhibitionists, who have been voyeuring each other for years. On the spur of the moment we finally arranged to meet at a traveling exhibition of Egyptian treasures and hoped some of the mystical culture would rub off on us. LOL! No pics were allowed to be taken inside but no one mentioned that we couldn't take some outdoors. hehe! The building sits on a hill, if you follow the road around to the rear entrance, there's a grand stone stairway that divides in the center and leads up to the doors from the sidewalk below. You can see the city skyline and the freeway from there also. It's a picturesque spot but we weren't the only ones that knew that.... on a beautiful, sunny, humid fall afternoon, we peeled out of our dresses and thongs while our trusty, horny photographers....LOL....took these pics for all of you to share, in our adventurous fun filled day. Special thanks to Kate, for providing this extraordinary website and thanks to all of you loyal, naughty, hot, horny voyeurs for your messages and votes.....XOXO....luv, Natalie and Natasha

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Young girl from London ;) hi all we had a small trip and decided to make couple photos in nature. as u can see the weather was great ;) we hope you all will enjoy it as we did. nice comments are always welcome, she's first time here ;) and don't forget to vote ! cya


just some pictures...... My sister and her husband just remodeled their kitchen. My husband and I decided that we would be the first to *christen* the new counters so we snuck in while they were at work. Here are some of the photos, before the room got a little steamier. Kisses XOXO!!