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Just a little walk
Glad to be back. We have so many good comments, that the few bad ones are just funny. It is interesting to see that people who don't like our contris still take the time to look at all the pictures before adding a comment that they don't like them or fond them boring... when I see on a contri that it is not my style (like big old fat girls close up)(it is fine for me that they post but I just don't look and comment) I just pass. But them, no. They look all the pictures on all the contris (like it is hard to detect them..!!) and leave a comment about being bored on each contri...!!! Ha ha ha, you guys are to good to be true..!!!! We also get comments from the racist part of the jerks. After insulting us and our black stallions, they explain that it was us who were racist because we only gang bang white girls..!!! ha ha ha this contri shows you that we'll gang bang any girl whether she is white, black, red, yellow, green or even multicolor as long as she is a nice young and greedy girl..!!! If we have few black girls to send to you it is only because few of them ask us for gang bang or wanted to be taken in pictures. This one was just interested in good sex sesion..!!!

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Down by the river Hi guys! These are some little pics I was able to grab from a avi I made for my in the shower. The shower is my favorite place to masturbate since that's where I know I can always have privacy. Growing up in a big family means that privacy is hard to cum by! LOL. Jenn


Uuummn, from the rear! Girl From Night Club - hello, I meet her in night club last night. she 33y/o. she was very drunk. she has 2 kids and husband. in my haus she was very horny, I fuck her 2 hours. her husband was in haus with kids. in the morning she was ver shy......