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Hi again from OZJILL. Thanks for your many kind comments from OZJILL-2. Here is our next contri, OZJILL-3. Hi there Bob and Joanne, Sammy and Rick, Garry and Gaynor. Isnt it great to make friends with similar interests. These shots may not be up to the same standard as the past 2 sets, but we hope you enjoy them. Another set from pics taken today will be posted real soon. For those who have joined Red Clouds (its really worth it) we will have some hot close-ups of OZJILL soon. Our understanding of NIP is that there are other unsuspecting members of the public in the pics, and like to see more of these. Enjoy ;-)

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Nakita & Boris I know these pics aren't of very good quality, but it's the best I could do with a cheap, 1st-generation camera phone. Thongs are hard to come by up here, so I felt like I had to try to capture the moment.


Vacaciones Espana This is part two of Lia on her tractor. All I know is, when she found a "new" way to drive it, the farmhands, dog, and I just about lost it. Don't forget to check out her site, she's new....and it's only going to get better.....