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Solo #65 (SSBBW) Bouncing on a Beachball at the Beach

My gf on holidays. Enjoy
Kate Story is that we grabbed our camcorder and went walking on a remote Mexican strand at the hottest part of the afternoon. We found this topless brunette alone and drinking some rum punches. My bud asks her for directions. We talk and she is plowed and asks us if we think she's getting burned. I start rubbing lotion on her boobs and massage them like bread.In Pic #1I stand to say goodbye. She tries to stand to go but starts to fall forward. Being a gentleman I grab her by her tits! In Pic#2 she says shes OK and I let go (showing you her tits), but she can't stand on her own and in Pic#3 (3clutches.jpg) she leans right back into my clutches. In Pic #4 my bud tells her she'd better get into the shade quickly and I practically have to carry her behind some bushes (groping, bouncing and squeezing her boobs the whole way). She just staggers along where I lead her. Meanwhile my bud is joking that all blondes dye their hair and she is drunkenly insisting that she doesn't. Once behind the bushes, my bud says she should convince us by taking off her bottoms because no one can see her there. At first she says no, but in Pic#5she finally says OK if turns off the camera. He says OK but he doesnt. We had fun but posting her pics here really makes it complete. If the viewers want to see what happens next just ask on the BB

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Boobs on the couch My friend Holly and I were talking about who gave the best blow job and her boyfriend told us to prove it. Holly was surprise when I started to pull his pants down and started to work him but it wasn’t long before Holly joined in and … well … stay tuned to RC and I’ll show the rest. -Britney


Enjoy in moderation! Hi all of your viewers. My name is Margot, I'm 42 yo, mother of 2, I'm married. I'd post in VW fews weeks ago, and I promised a RC contri. These pics were taken by my lover, and I'll posy more if comments are good. Dont forget to vote Kisses Margot